Bogdan Gogulan, Managing Partner / CEO


Bogdan Gogulan has 12 years of experience in finance, product and business development. Before initiating NewSpace Capital he had accumulated a unique combination of cross-border experience in communication, security and defense industries. He served as VP of international operations and business development for AT Communication (Switzerland), Defendec (Baltics) and Katmerciler (Turkey), managing break through projects for security and defense agencies in the Middle East and Central Asia. For years, he managed alignment and cooperation with UN agencies (BOMCA/UNDP, BOMNAF, UNODC, UNHCR, IOM) and security organizations (NATO, OSCE, ISAF). Prior to that, Bogdan worked for American Express (US, UK) and Deutsche Bank (UK). As global sales development Program Manager and Head of Industry Analytics at American Express he was responsible for global partnerships development with top tier clients. Since 2010, Bogdan has been actively involved with UN Alliance of Civilization’s (UNAOC) participating as an OYW Ambassador in the UN Sustainable Development Goals’ initiative. 

Bogdan holds a BSc in Financial Economics from University of Essex and graduated from Abingdon & Whitney College. He is acting as CEO of NewSpace Capital GP S.A. and is a member of the Investment Committee of NewSpaceCapital Fund I.

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