Dr. Kazuya Yoshida, Industry Advisory Board Member


Professor Kazuya Yoshida received B. E., M. S. and Doctor of Engineering degrees in Mechanical Engineering Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. Since 2003, he has worked as a full-time Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan. He also serves as Director of the Center of Robotics for Extreme and Uncertain Environments in Tohoku University since 2011. His research activities cover dynamics and control of space robotic systems, ranging from orbital free-flying robots to planetary exploration rovers. His work also includes the development of university-based micro satellites and also the terrestrial applications of space technology, such as robotic remote exploration for search and rescue missions. His technical contribution is found in ETS-VII (orbital experiments of a free-flying space robot), HAYABUSA (an asteroid sample return probe), RISING/RISING-2 (50 kg microsatellites for science mission) and QUINCE (a mobile robot to cope with the Fukushima power plant incident).

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