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the largest space industry - was responsible for over €200B in 2016, it encompasses both mature markets and high growth ones

human space flight

overall market is currently valued around €4B and is expected to grow to €25B in 2030

launch services

commercial segment of the launch industry is estimated to grow from €8B today to over €10B in 2030

R&D / exploration

at €38B in 2016, it is traditionally the second largest space industry driven by regional and national space agencies

space situational 
awareness (SSA)

potentially reaching market size of over €3B by 2025

space mining

global mining market on Earth was valued over €450B in 2016 and humanity’s demand for resources is expected to double by 2030

satellite / spacecraft manufacturing

the number of operational satellites in orbit is expected to grow from ~1,500 today to over 20,000 in 2040

in-space manufacturing

market segment that is estimated to reach €5B by 2027 

consulting & 
other services

industry segment, valued at €17B, captures insurance and number of other services

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