NewSpace Capital joins the European Space Agency Investor Network

Global private equity firm NewSpace Capital joins ESA’s Investor Network, an initiative to strengthen ties among space tech and potential…
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  • Global private equity firm NewSpace Capital joins ESA’s Investor Network, an initiative to strengthen ties among space tech and potential investors
  • NewSpace Capital becomes the only member of ESA’s Network to focus exclusively on growth-stage companies, rather than start-ups
  • The collaboration, which was announced at the Paris Air Show, will look to attract global funding to support the growth of the European space sector
  • Space tech funding ‘essential’ for tackling the biggest problems humanity faces, says NewSpace Capital CEO Bogdan Gogulan

Space technology has a starring role to play in how we approach global challenges now and in the years to come.” Bogdan Gogulan, CEO and Managing Partner of NewSpace Capital

Global private equity firm NewSpace Capital has joined the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Investor Network, becoming the first member to invest exclusively in growthstage companies.

The move is part of ESA’s strategy to grow its investor network to all corners of the space tech ecosystem, increasing the relations among companies and potential investors. By providing funds from global investors, NewSpace will further support ESA’s ambition to help companies grow at scale, addressing some of the biggest problems that humanity faces.

NewSpace Capital, which backs founders and entrepreneurs across the space supply chain, focuses on areas such as the building and manufacture of components, broadcasting and telecommunication, earth observation, and navigation.

The collaboration was announced with ESA at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Parc des Expositions. As part of the announcement, Kayrros, a NewSpace Capital portfolio company, presented its latest findings on the impact of carbon credits on deforestation levels in the Amazon rainforest using data from ESA satellites.

Bogdan Gogulan, CEO and Managing Partner of NewSpace Capital, said he was proud to be working with ESA, adding that continued and accelerated funding for the sector was ‘essential’.

He spoke of the enormous role that space tech has to play in confronting some of humanity’s greatest challenges, from the climate crisis to threats to sustainable economic and social development.

‘Space technology has a starring role to play in how we approach global challenges now and in the years to come,’ he said.

‘This collaboration will help to make sure that innovators and entrepreneurs get the financial backing they need to do their best work.

‘It is beyond doubt that space tech is and will continue to be essential to confronting the climate crisis, as well as to boosting productivity after years of sluggish growth. It’s a very exciting time for the sector.’

‘I’d also like to say that we have enormous respect for the ambition of the European Space Agency Investor Network initiative.

‘We’re delighted to be part of it, and to bring much-needed growth-stage capital to Europe’s space ecosystem. The continent is now leading the global space industry across a number of critical technologies. Scaling the operations of market leading European companies is critical to the growth of the industry and the impact it is creating.’

Europe has become a world-leader in a number of areas within space tech, including AI-powered climate solutions and laser technology. Major developments are taking place in environmental intelligence, communication, earth observation, photonics, broadcasting, and navigation.

Morgan Stanley has predicted that the global space ecosystem will reach $1 trillion in value by 2040, in part due to space tech’s capacity to service almost every area of the economy. Modelling from Globant has also shown that the full adoption of current satellite technologies by 2030 would give the world the means to reach net zero 10 years ahead of schedule.

NewSpace Capital’s investees include Cailabs, which is solving a challenge for the €30 billion satellite communication industry by expanding the limits of laser communications in space and available radio frequencies; ICEYE, which owns and operates the world’s largest constellation of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites; and Kayrros, the global environmental intelligence company.

Kayrros uses data from satellite imagery and cutting-edge geoanalytics technology to provide insights to organisations worldwide, including the United Nations Environment Programme.

Members of the ESA Investor Network benefit from guidance and support on technical and market assessments of investments, as well as from access to opportunities generated by ESA’s Business Incubation Centre and other commercial programmes.

Members also get access to ESA’s wider network, including its partnerships with financial institutions.


About NewSpace Capital:
NewSpace Capital is a global Private Equity firm that invests in growth-stage companies across the space technology ecosystem. It provides financial support for founders and entrepreneurs working to tackle the greatest problems humanity faces, from the climate crisis to threats to sustained economic and social development.

The firm’s focus areas include building and manufacturing components, broadcasting and communication, earth observation, navigation, and emerging segments. By investing in the supply chain and applications segments of the space tech ecosystem, NewSpace taps into a large market with a high number of underinvested and undervalued companies.

About the ESA Investor Network:
Established in 2022, the ESA Investor Network is an initiative from ESA Commercialisation department to increase the relations among space start-ups, potential space investors and the European Space Agency. The network aims to lower the barrier to entry to the space sector for investors and organise matchmaking sessions with companies, thematic training sessions and ad-hoc discussions to support investment decision processes. Finally, the network provides support to companies looking for private funding by organising matchmaking sessions with investors.

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